Sophisticated jogger with embossed monogram

Sophisticated jogger with embossed monogram

Casual Sophistication. Relaxed chic.

A 90% cotton and 10% cashmere jogger that exudes quality.
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Skill and attention to detail that extends to every element.

Raising the standard for standout results with an embossed Monogram on one of the pockets.

3D effect can withstand washing, due to the special polyester jersey used on the inside surface.

Perfectly aligned stitching along the leg, applied with precision, and fabulous folds stitched to the side for durable excellence.
Premium, polished eyelets and stoppers - protected from scratches during production of the piece. Colour-matched strings for unsurpassable harmony.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your minimum order quantities?
We generally require a minimum order quantity of 1000 units per colour. However, we can sometimes accept smaller orders. Please contact us for more information.
What is your lead time?
Our lead time is 6-8 weeks, from order placement to units being dispatched from our factory. The first prototype can usually be executed within one week.
Besides your existing certifications, could you seek aditional certifications required by our business?
It depends. Certification tends to be a long and complex process and we need to understand the requirements of your business. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
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